Frequently Asked Questions

We know that this is a very stressful process with many variables out of your control. We’ll try to provide most of your answers here in one place.
  • Sadly, visa application is a lengthy and rather expensive process. Immigration attorneys can cost upwards of $8,000 for their retainers, filing and supply fees can add up to an additional $1,500, and the premium processing fee for expedited visa applications is $1,410. While Artistpass can’t do anything about the filing, supply, or processing fees, as they are mandated by the government, we do our best to work with various parties that offer flexible rates and discounts which provides you with access to an independent immigration attorney and the services of Artistpass while maintaining exceptional quality. Artistpass is able to provide these services at such a competitive rate by providing efficiencies throughout the application process, saving time and money for both the client and the independent immigration attorney.
  • The visa application process changes from client to client, but for applicants who are the most prepared, the entire application can take 3 - 5 months. For A-list artists who are established in their careers, the application may take 1 - 2 months. For anyone who isn’t fully understanding of the supporting documents needed for this process, we suggest giving yourself 6 - 8 months before you expect your visa, so you have ample time in case of any application variation. The process takes a long time and outside correspondence.
  • Typically, the 01-B or artist visa lasts for 3 years. After the 3 years are up you can either apply for another type of visa, like a green card, or you may keep extending your artists visa by reapplying for another 1 - 3 years. It’s important to understand the tax ramifications of all the different visas and talk to an international tax representative who can advise you accordingly.
  • Set your mind at ease; Artistpass and our team will be doing all the heavy lifting for you while you develop your supporting documents. The centerpiece of an Exceptional Talent Visa is a portfolio compiled in the style of a petition, which describes your “exceptional talent,” the type of work you’ve been doing, and what you plan to do moving forward as an artist. These petitions range anywhere from 50-500 pages. Once again, don’t worry--Artistpass is here to help you! We’ll ask you, step by step, for basic information concerning your artist project, contracts, and deal memos. In addition to the petition-style portfolio, you will need to provide: Government forms Copies of your passport Official letters of recommendation Yet again, Artistpass will walk you through this process and make your application as straightforward as possible.
  • The answer to this question changes on a case by case basis and depends entirely on the supporting documents that you submit throughout onboarding. You could be matched up with an attorney within a week after submitting your documents, or, if we need to further develop your portfolio, it could take up to a few months. We will discuss this with you during your consultation call.
  • For those whose portfolios need a bit more development before applying for this visa, we offer a program that helps educate artists and nurture their careers. Our goal is yours: to submit the best application possible based off of your artist project and career trajectory.
  • Yes! Immigration is daunting enough. Using an online service may feel even more unfamiliar. Artistpass is a Los Angeles-based public benefit corporation started by a team of music industry experts, immigrants, and attorneys. We were selected to participate in an acceleration program at Capitol Records in the summer of 2019. You’ll always talk to a real person when you contact us. Our service combines the convenience and dependability of technology with the understanding of real, accessible people. Artistpass is not a law firm. Legal advice is provided by an independent attorney that will be assigned to your case.
  • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is the government agency that oversees legal immigration to the United States. USCIS is primarily responsible for approving green cards, naturalization, work permits, travel permits, and other immigration benefits.
  • Depending on your current visa status, you may be able to work within the United States as you wait for your Exceptional Talent Visa approval. Anyone who already has a valid work visa (for example, an H-1B or L-1 visa) can usually continue working in the United States even while applying for other visas. If you’re a college student on an F-1 Visa you may be able to work on or off campus, but it is best to talk to your education institute’s international student representative to understand your options and the types of repercussions involved. After college you may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) which grants the ability for temporary employment that is directly related to an F-1 student’s major area of study.